DDI Stratcom’s Lacierda, Quezon speak at Asia-Pacific Communications Summit in Singapore


DDI Strategic Communications Chief Executive Officer Edwin Lacierda and Chief Content Officer Manuel L. Quezon III took part in the annual Asia-Pacific Communications Summit, one of the region’s biggest gatherings of public relations experts and professionals, from October 27 to 28, 2016 in Singapore.

In line with the summit’s theme on communicating in a hyperconnected world, Lacierda and Quezon—who served as Presidential Spokesperson and Presidential Communications Undersecretary, respectively, for six years—gave a talk on the impact of online media on political communications. Drawing from their past experience as communicators of government policies and program, Lacierda and Quezon explained how social media have influenced Philippine politics and public policy.

Quezon cited a 2007 McCann study, which said: “Teens are watching less TV, listening to less radio, reading less books and magazines, are doing less sports, interacting with friends face-to-face less frequently, and spending less money on traditional consumer items… thanks to virtual connectivity technology like text messaging and the Internet.” He then expounded an emerging model of traditional media turning to their audience not only as consumers but also as sources of news and information, which was heightened further by the rise of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Lacierda subsequently discussed some of the previous government’s initiatives in response to calls to further democratize the digital space. This includes the expansion of the Official Gazette as the national government portal (www.gov.ph), and the introduction of the Open Data Philippines project (data.gov.ph).

The 2016 Asia-Pacific Communications Summit assembled more than 200 in-house communications professionals across Asia-Pacific to discover the latest trends in public relations, and exchange ideas on moving the industry forward. It was organized by the Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors (APACD), a network of mid- to senior-level corporate communicators and public affairs practitioners in the region.

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