About DDI Strategic Communications

We’re open for business.

After six years of being at the forefront of the country’s strategic communications landscape, Atty. Edwin Lacierda, Atty. Abigail F. Valte, and Manuel L. Quezon III are opening the doors of DDI Strategic Communications to help companies and individuals navigate public policy and institutions, and develop an effective public and crisis relations culture within organizations.

We are driven to help you before you do it.

As a public affairs consultancy, our mission is to help you—individuals, private companies, and non-profit organizations—navigate public institutions, and develop a public and crisis relations culture within your organization. We craft strategies to effectively shape public opinion which influences actions of legislative and regulatory entities, and reinforces your brand and reputation.

We are determined to deliver results.

Our combined media, legal, civil society, and government experience have given us an understanding of the pulse of the people, and the competence in dealing with their wants and needs. We work with you and your teams to identify potential challenges and responses, and ensure that you have the full arsenal of information and communication tools at your disposal to get ahead and stay ahead.

We are inspired to innovate

With a young and dynamic team led by partners with years of public sector experience, we share our insights and guide you on how to establish a voice that best communicates your organization’s brand and values: from the language and appearance of your press and photo releases, to recommendations on infographics, videos, website and social media content that work.